Building Up the Bones {How to Write a Book Series}

Crooked Buildings? Have you ever seen a crooked building? I don’t mean the dishonest kind of crooked—I’m talking about a cockeyed building that looks like one strong gust of wind will blow it right over. One of the key reasons a building gets to this point is the...

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Why Your Audience Needs an Imperfect Speaker

Wow. That’s a story I don’t think I’d tell on myself, I thought after reading a confessional passage from Lysa TerKeurst’s book, Am I Messing Up My Kids? The thought popped into my mind unbidden, but once it was there I had to take time to examine it. Lysa, president...

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Why Pre-orders Matter and How to Get Them

I have a confession. Prior to working in book marketing, I had NEVER pre-ordered a book. Gasp. Sorry to all the authors I loved and followed back then. I didn’t realize the difference it made. Pre-order sales help retailers take notice of your book, signaling them to...

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Why You Need to Own Your Website and Blog

By Laura Christianson I clipped on my lapel mic, pressed “Play” on the digital recorder and took a deep breath. “Welcome to How to Create a Dynamite Website.” I noticed a few stragglers slipping in the door with worried looks on their faces. “What’s wrong?” I queried....

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