Eps #69: How to Deal with Ministry Envy

Are you ready to get a little uncomfortable with us today? Have you ever had ministry envy? Kathi Lipp and Michele Cushatt have and they aren't afraid to admit. The comparison trap may have actually been invented by speakers and authors. After all we all have the...

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Eps 68: The Need for Sabbatical, Part 2

In part 2 of our series on the need for sabbatical, Kathi Lipp and Michele Cushatt dig into their expectation and boundary setting when planning for sabbatical. They share great practical tips as well as insight on the mental and physical advantages of putting these...

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Eps 67 The Need for Sabbatical, Part 1

Need rest, but don't know where to fit it in? Join authors and speakers Kathi Lipp and Michele Cushatt, as they discuss the role that rest has in our success and longevity in ministry. Rest is not optional and not for the weak. When you pull back a little bit, the...

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Eps 155 Do I Really Need a Newsletter

Do you want to serve your readers and audience with a personal touch? Do you want a way to add value to each subscriber without the stress of a blog? A newsletter may be just the thing to enhance your ministry! In this episode, hosts Michele Cushatt and Kathi Lipp...

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