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As a leader in my industry, there are times when I need advice and wisdom from someone who isn’t in the middle of what’s going on in my world. I consider Kathi Lipp my ‘go-to coach’ as she never ceases to give me wise counsel and direction. She is clear-headed, straight talking and has the ability to see what I sometimes can’t, and therefore, provides the direction I need. If you are a leader, speaker or author who requires someone to help you stay focused and directed, I HIGHLY recommend you call Kathi. Don’t wait until it’s too late!
Shari Braendel

President Fashion Meets Faith and Author of “Help Me Jesus, I have nothing to wear!”

I have admired Kathi as a speaker, writer, and podcaster for a while. Discussing my own speaking and blogging career with my husband, I lamented a feeling of being lost in the sea of cyberspace. If only I knew someone who was ahead of me on this journey. Someone who can say they’d been there, done that, made mistakes, found things that work, and can guide me on a path to success. Enter Kathi.

Being coached by her has been a wonderful hands-on experience. She’s open and honest about her journey and full of resources. One of the greatest things is watching her work her business because she practices what she preaches.

Luna Leverett

Speaker & Podcaster

Feeling overwhelmed, I called Kathi for help when I found myself bogged down in the process of writing my second book. After a phone conversation, she helped me create and organize a plan for moving forward. Over the course of six or eight weeks, Kathi helped me to get unstuck and set reasonable, doable writing goals while helping to keep me accountable for my deadlines. Not only did I get the book done, but my professional relationship with Kathi encouraged me and empowered me to write a book I am very proud of.
Susy Flory

Speaker & Podcaster, New York Times Best Selling Author

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